Author: Kano Shiuko

Status: Completed   

Genre: Yaoi ,

Update: Jan 14, 2011


Next update: about Jan 21, 2011


1. Loveliness - Maybe I'm Your Steppin' Stone
Hirosue Kenji the convenience store clerk has a huge crush on his regular customer Mogi Kousei. When he finds out that Kousei's son is going to the same nursery as his niece, he takes the opportunity to get closer to his dream date. (Kousei was introduced in chapter four of I'm Not Your Steppin' Stone)

2 Loveliness - Passion Honey
Mejiro Yasushi goes home after a hard day's work and finds his lover/cousin cheating on him. He heads over to Kousei's place for a drinking session and Nakano Shunji the grouchy co-worker joins them. Yasushi discovers Shunji's secret in the middle of the night. (There is continuation of Shunji's story in Otonage.)

3. Loveliness - Passion Baby
Yasushi learns more about Shunji's painful past and his dependence on Kousei.

4. Loveliness - Charm Point
Kenji doesn't understand why Kousei and his ex-wife is divorced even though they get along fabulously. He feels uncertain about Kousei's feelings for him, for he could start dating other women again.

5. Special Illustrations including:

- About Delicacy
Kousei and Kenji discuss public baths.

- The Best!
Shunji and Yasushi is finding his place hot and tight.

- Kousei and Kenji's cosplay
See Kousei as a host and Kenji as a construction worker.

6) [i]Daylight[/i]
Kosaka is obsessed with bikes and displays little interest in anything else, while his classmates are drooling over girls. Hotta his classmate has other matters on his mind as well...


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