Gintama dj - Hanbunko

Author: Paraiso ,Harada

Status: Completed   

Genre: Adult , Doujinshi , Psychological , Yaoi ,

Update: Feb 6, 2016

Gintama dj - Hanbunko

Next update: about Feb 13, 2016


Gintoki and Takasugi are childhood friends, however this year they're in different classes. Gintoki then becomes friends with Hijikata, which makes Takasugi rather jealous. However after he got to know Hijikata better he realizes that they get along quite well, and the three of them becomes much closer. Takasugi, who has always liked Gintoki, notices that Hijikata has romantic feelings for Gintoki as well and so they agree to 'halve' Gintoki between the two of them. The plan somewhat works at first but then it backfires when it creates a very unexpected result and fear in Gintoki...Pairing: Takasugi x Gintoki x Hijikata


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  1. KitAG said at October 18, 2018 9:18 pm

    Amaizing work! Continue with the good work! I totally enjoyed it thank you!

  2. Lianna said at October 18, 2018 9:12 pm

    I can translate it but how do I get the raws when I have to pay moneyㅠㅠ

  3. ranonim said at October 13, 2018 5:00 am

    min, katanya hari ini upload? mana nih upload episode terbaru nya min

  4. cialis_online said at October 10, 2018 10:14 pm
  5. Nitassa24 said at October 10, 2018 5:24 am

    Please update take care of my housekeeper

  6. Nycol95 said at October 7, 2018 6:36 pm

    I love this

  7. Suhznaru said at October 5, 2018 9:55 pm

    Like mother like son the of them psycho

  8. Nadja said at October 4, 2018 2:53 am

    Please Waka!!! Update chapter 5

  9. Indoyllw said at September 28, 2018 12:32 am

    Hi, the web toon has 45 episodes and they already finished. All the races are there, is there any way that someone can translate it? Please!!!!

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